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Who Is Amy Oostveen?

Hey beautiful! 

I'm Amy Oostveen.

I'm a Women's Empowerment Coach, Inquisitive Podcaster, Owner of the amazing Flirt Fitness Pole Studios and Flirt Fitness Consulting, Public Speaker, Single Mother to 2 Loving and Rambunctious Boys, and a continually expanding human being on a life long journey.


I know the highs of owning your own business with stellar months of feedback and profit, to the lows of being a public target, surviving a pandemic, and struggling to balance motherhood while owning multiple businesses. 

There are a lot of things I am. And for some, it might be too much. But no one ever said we needed to be "one thing" and I bet you can relate to that. 

Today, I help women grow through what they go through and redesign their lives for the better. If you made it this far, you and I were destined to meet. Keep reading below and let's connect.

What's stopping you from
Redesigning Your Life?

Life is full of challenges! But it isn't about what happens to us, it about what we do with it. And that's what the Life Redesigned Podcast is all about. Listen to this weekly podcast, Life Redesigned, as my guests and I share our secrets for success and happiness. Each episode is packed with inspiring stories and useful tips that can help you redesign your life.

It's time to create new habits that bring forth REAL change!

Weekly Episodes featuring inspiring guests interviews


Available on your favorite podcast platforms!

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"Amy is real, honest and wants what's best for you."

"The Life Redesigned Small Group Coaching Program was what opened the door for me to start digging into limiting beliefs I didn't know I had which were holding me back."

-  Samara Buck

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Grow through what 
you go through!

Small group support, weekly Trello board check-ins, weekly LIVE's from the Boss Lady, curriculum, and more!

Pole Fitness Group classes, private lessons, staff & studio training / consulting and more!

Invest in yourself by working 1:1 with Amy and finally create new habits that work toward a future you can be proud of.